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Luis Solano Pochet

Retrato Luis

Adventurer and endless dreamer. Costa Rican photographer, graphic designer, blogger and expert traveler. Founder and photographer of ToTheWonderBLOG who has specialized in the art of landscape photography in Costa Rica, Canada and Iceland. Luis is known for capturing the spectacular scenery of Costa Rica and the world with an original emotional approach. He currently leads photography workshops in his country and has worked for multiple clients nationally and internationally.


“To travel is to possess the world” – Burton Holmes

ToTheWonderBLOG is a celebration of the awe-inspiring, that feeling of admiration and marvel caused by something beautiful and unfamiliar. The project emerges from the constant urge to travel, to feel the anxiety of the unknown and the freedom of being miles away from your day to day routine, that thrill that everyday brings new things to discover.

Perspective plays a big role in how we live our lives. Travelling has changed mine. Someone once said: “There are two ways to live your life, one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle.”  I want to forever live in that constant state of wonder.

Photography is my utmost passion and for me the photographs of the places I’ve been to are the tangible trophies of the experiences I’ve lived. They are a glimpse of that moment in time, emotionally charged and with the power to evoke in me the feelings I felt as I was taking them. It is my way to possess and share a little bit of this spectacular world we live in.


Luis Solano Pochet, San José, Costa Rica 




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