Navajo Nation and Grand Canyon | Southwest USA Part III

It began to snow! The cold was too much, and the wind was so strong I couldn’t feel my fingers. But the views! those views made you forget all of it. What a spectacular game of lights and shadows, textures and drama. Read More


Arches and Canyonlands | Southwest USA Part II

Feeling like you’re on top of the world is an understatement. The vast and endless canyon landscapes that unfold below your feet are mesmerizing. Read More

Zion and Bryce Canyon | Southwest USA Part I

In my search for contrasts and adventure, I decided to escape the lush rainforest landscapes that I’ve grown with, and immerse myself into the deserts, canyons and endless rugged scenery of the Southwest USA. Experiencing the nature of the wild, wild west. Read More

Here Comes the Sun

Nestled at the heart of the country, Costa Rica’s capital, San José, is a confusing city of contrasts. What it lacks in height, it makes up for in panoramic views of the mountains and volcanoes that surround the Central Valley. In recent years the city has experienced a renaissance, century-old neighbourhoods are blossoming with boutique shops, restaurants and art. A new era of cultural and artistic pride has begun. Read More

Herradura’s Tranquil Waters

Herradura is a calm “horseshoe” shaped beach nestled between the warm waters of the Pacific and the tropical rainforest on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. It has become a nice place to escape to for those limited on time, given its close proximity to the capital San José. The area has seen a… Read More

International Festival of Arts

The International Festival of Arts (FIA) is the main cultural and artistic event in Costa Rica. It becomes an opportunity for local artists, performers and designers to share their work to massive audiences, for the development and improvement of national cultural and artistic production and to transcend our borders through the international exchange with the… Read More

Craters & Starlight

Every year a group of photographers, professional and amateur, get together in Irazú Volcano National Park to photograph the stars and surroundings. I’ve been going for two years now but this time was a little different cause we had moonlight and even though it drowns out some of the stars, its light bathed the crater… Read More

Details of London

“Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” – Samuel Johnson. Photographs taken in May 2012, London, England.  ———–♦———– “Señor, cuando un hombre está cansado de Londres, está cansado de la vida, porque hay en Londres todo lo que la… Read More

Irazú Sunset & Stargazing

Irazú is an active volcano in Costa Rica, situated in the Cordillera Central in Cartago. Its most famous recent eruption began March 19, 1963 (continuing until 1965) on the day US President John F. Kennedy started a state visit to Costa Rica. It showered with ash the capital San José and much of the central… Read More