Ephemeral Fires

Costa Rican rainy season can be chaotic and terribly unpredictable. Expect torrential downpour and a minute later, stunning sunsets and ephemeral fires in the sky. This was the case for my visit to the cliff of Guacalillo in the Central Pacific coast. Read More


Here Comes the Sun

Nestled at the heart of the country, Costa Rica’s capital, San José, is a confusing city of contrasts. What it lacks in height, it makes up for in panoramic views of the mountains and volcanoes that surround the Central Valley. In recent years the city has experienced a renaissance, century-old neighbourhoods are blossoming with boutique shops, restaurants and art. A new era of cultural and artistic pride has begun. Read More

International Festival of Arts

The International Festival of Arts (FIA) is the main cultural and artistic event in Costa Rica. It becomes an opportunity for local artists, performers and designers to share their work to massive audiences, for the development and improvement of national cultural and artistic production and to transcend our borders through the international exchange with the… Read More

Art City Tour

Every couple of months GAM Cultural organises Art City Tour in San José. The concept behind the tour is to revive the capital and encourage the people to have a cultural night out. The main museums, galleries, cultural centers, design stores, parks and heritage buildings are open to the public and all of them have… Read More

Road Tripping Cartago

Cartago, Costa Rica’s first capital, is one of the oldest communities in the country. It was home to the first Spanish settlement since its foundation in 1563 by Juan Vásquez de Coronado. This territory remained the capital city of Costa Rica until 1823, when the country’s first elected president, Juan Mora Fernández, decided to relocate.… Read More