Navajo Nation and Grand Canyon | Southwest USA Part III

It began to snow! The cold was too much, and the wind was so strong I couldn’t feel my fingers. But the views! those views made you forget all of it. What a spectacular game of lights and shadows, textures and drama. Read More


Arches and Canyonlands | Southwest USA Part II

Feeling like you’re on top of the world is an understatement. The vast and endless canyon landscapes that unfold below your feet are mesmerizing. Read More

Zion and Bryce Canyon | Southwest USA Part I

In my search for contrasts and adventure, I decided to escape the lush rainforest landscapes that I’ve grown with, and immerse myself into the deserts, canyons and endless rugged scenery of the Southwest USA. Experiencing the nature of the wild, wild west. Read More

Winds of Guanacaste

In our search for new locations, we stumbled upon a remote mountain called Cerro Pelado. An extinct ancient volcano, rising above the flatlands of Cañas in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Read More


2016 is here and like every new year, it brings new dreams. A chance to look up at the stars and feel the wonderful anxiety and yearning for all that is to come. Read More

Observer of the Universe

Bright, epic, timeless: the fantastic milky way slowly rising above the horizon. Our universe, ancient and light years away, beaming in front of our eyes. Read More

Islandia : Era de Descubrimiento

English | Español Una decisión impulsiva motivada por mi propósito de vida, me llevó a Islandia. Es increíble como un paso en la dirección correcta puede terminar siendo una de las experiencias más memorables de la vida. Las personas cercanas a mí saben que sueño con lugares fríos y noches estrelladas. Islandia había estado en… Read More

Iceland : Age of Discovery

An impulsive, heart-driven decision led me to Iceland. It’s incredible how a step towards the right direction might end up being one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Read More

Volcanic Farmlands of Nicaragua

This January I traveled to Nicaragua to work on my first international photo assignment for a big construction company. Even though I was focused on getting the job done, I was able to shoot new blog material. I visited unusual areas off the beaten track. Farmlands nestled between stunning volcanic nature reserves as well as lush green landscapes of gold mountains and massive lakes. Read More